Stampede Makers #3 Unpacking Product Design


The event will start at 9.30am at the Fave office across the big central fountain from Baker Tilly. The office is on the 28th floor of The Vertical Corporate Office, Tower B.

To get there, type "The Vertical Corporate Office Tower B" into Waze or Google Maps.


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Below is a map which shows you how to drive to the building from Jalan Kerinchi.


Nowadays, designing great products does not mean creating a specific visual solution without larger business considerations. Instead, we’ve seen the rise of the Product Designer who consider and balance user needs, business viability as well as technical feasibility when creating products. In our 3rd edition of Stampede Makers, “Unpacking Product Design” at Fave HQ in Bangsar South, we will be looking at what being a Product Designer involves, their processes and how they strive to solve problems and bring value to users and businesses.

This time, industry veteran Wu Han Ngeow, VP of UX and Design at iPrice Group, joins us as our Level Up speaker. With nearly 2 decades of experience from designing websites to broad-impact digital products, he’ll be priming us with the 3 kinds of Product Designer he’s encountered, their traits and what they need to be empowered to reach the epitome of Product Design.

Wondering what it’s like to get started as a Product Designer? Our own Product Designer, Fadzlina Fuad, will give you a peek into her first year at the job with how she ended up here, what she’s learnt and her struggles and triumphs during her Get Real talk.

So join us as we cover what it means to be a Product Designer, and leave with actionable ways to mature your Product Design practice.

This meetup is for you if you’re asking yourself these questions:
  • What is Product Design exactly and how is it different from UX and UI design?
  • What do I need to do to become a Product Designer?
  • What does a Product Designer do?
  • Do I already have the skills I need?
  • What is the outlook of career in Product Design if I make the jump?
  • How do I do a damn good job as a Product Designer?

Who is this event is for:
  • Aspiring designers
  • Beginners in the design field
  • Mid-level and senior designers
  • People from traditional businesses looking to learn more about product design and digital products
  • Those interested in product, graphics, UI and UX design
  • People in the startup industry
  • People in the tech industry


LevelUp - Wu Han Ngeow
A Primer on 3 Types of Product Designer

Through his years working on digital products, Wu Han Ngeow has encountered different kinds of Product Designers in the wild. Each species has different needs and can struggle when they are not given the support they need. In his talk, Wu Han will share an overview of the 3 main types of Product Designers in the digital world and what they need to be empowered to bring value to the product and organisation.

GetReal - Fadzlina Fuad
365 days of Product Design

What’s it like to start out as a Product Designer? Pull up a chair and listen to Ina share her first year transitioning from graphic and print design to Product Design at Stampede. From processes learnt to the moments where she wanted to throw her laptop out the window, Ina will lay it all out in this session on what it’s like to be a Product Designer including her tough lessons, failures and successes in the profession.


9.30 - 10am - Registration and Sticky Things!
10am - Event kickoff and welcome from Fave and Stampede Team
10 - 10.45am - LevelUp: A Primer on 3 Types of Product Designer - Wu Han Ngeow
10.45 - 11am - Q&A
11 - 11.30am - GetReal: 365 days of Product Design - Fadzlina Fuad
11.30- 11.45am - Q&A
11.45am - 12pm - Mingling



Wu Han Ngeow - VP of UX/Design, iPrice Group

From the days of 56k modems until now, Wu Han Ngeow’s career has spanned nearly 2 decades of product and user experience design. With his products having touched millions of users across a veritable plethora of industries ranging from personal development and digital learning to telecommunications, payments and e-commerce at companies like Mindvalley, Maxis and StoreHub, it’s probably a no-brainer saying that Wu Han knows a thing or two about product design. Now the VP of UX and Design at iPrice Group, Wu Han is involved in optimising organisations and product workflows through scaling design and product teams and removing obstacles to innovation.

Fadzlina Fuad - Product Designer, Stampede Design

Ina is a Product Designer at Stampede. As a member of the design team, Ina is responsible for designing products that solve real problems for users and fulfil business goals. Her work spans user-centered product discovery, running design sprints, prototype validation all the way to interaction design, closely collaborating with businesses, designers and developers every step along the way. She has a gift for product management too, handling enterprise-level complex projects with many moving parts. Ina's also the winner of Stampede Setahun Jagung Award, for already making major impact to the team and products even before completing her first year with Stampede.

Moderator - Zo-Ee Chee
UX Strategist and Culture Manager, Stampede Design

Zo-Ee looks at both Stampede's clients' business goals as well as their users’ needs to produce a holistic UX strategy which often includes running design sprints and UX workshops. As the culture manager, Zo-Ee also looks at making Stampede a great and enjoyable place to work. Previously, Zo-Ee worked in community management before transitioning into UX.



Stampede Makers is a bi-monthly meetup session hosted by designers at Stampede for our fellow designers in the community featuring accomplished designers across different specialties and industries. The meetups are split into two different sessions: LevelUp and GetReal. LevelUp will focus on helping designers acquire technical skills while GetReal is about navigating the ups and downs of a design career without losing enthusiasm.

Stampede Makers is doing a nationwide roadshow by visiting different cities in Malaysia. This stop in KL marks our third event.


Founded in 2006, Stampede is a user experience and digital product development agency in Malaysia. We design user-centred experience and build digital products for clients all over the world.


Fave is a Southeast Asian mobile platform that focuses on digitising Malaysia’s F&B and retail merchants. With discounted offers on things to eat, do, see, and experience in your city, all from one convenient app, Fave is available across Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and collaborates with thousands of businesses to provide them with a holistic payments solution while still adding value to their end customers. As a significant force as a regional merchant-first platform, Fave is one of the fastest growing startups in the tech space in Malaysia they are a great example of a strong product design team in action.
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Sat Aug 24, 2019
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM MYT
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Venue Address
No 8, Suite 28-1, Level 28, Vertical Corporate Office Tower B Bangsar South City, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Stampede Makers

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